digital futures workshop : multiscalar aggregation

Outcomes of the Architectural Machines workshop (DigitalFUTURES 2020), tutored by Alessio Erioli, work conducted in collaboration with Alexandre Atamian.

In the scope of discrete aggregation we have explored a way how to work simultaneously on at least two different levels of scale a structure that encloses and creates space (referenced to a scaffolding) and the material inside that articulates this rather generic space (referenced to a pipe
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take care : 2018

Take Care festival is a result of a dialogue between the artistic platform Karavana and the members of fransiscan order based in Prague. Several works of Czech visual artists, lectures and performances were reacting to the Pope Francis’ appeal from his second encyclic, Laudato si, On care for our common home“. In collaboration with graphic designer we developed visual identity for this event.  Continue reading “take care : 2018”