Jan works on physical and virtual architectures that explore and challenge the boundaries of the built environment and the socio-cultural context. Starting with a task, he looks into its potential and identifies the key qualities to be designed and produced. Close attention is paid to the material that brings the concept to life and amplifies it. Resulting architectures range in scale from an object to public space.

Jan studied architecture and urbanism at Czech Technical University in Prague (2012, Bc.) and Delft University of Technology  (2015, MSc.), graduating with a 4D strategy for renovation of high-rise buildings in Rotterdam. During his studies he looked into the use of computation in architecture, and assisted with design and construction of “zelfbouw” houses in Amsterdam-North (Zondag CS Architecten).

In 2014 Jan exhibited with Hyperbody an interactive-performing environment called roboZoo. After his studies Jan co-organised workshops on computational design and fabrication (with ‘zero-order’ architecture design collective). In 2016 worked in robotic production unit at MX3D. Since 2017 works on building projects and spatial interventions, among others in collaboration with Federico Díaz.