upcycled steel mesh

The steel rods are bended and welded together. A straight-forward product is used by standard to hold the installations and cables above the workspaces. It is designed to be as universal as possible, allowing to connect the elements in several directions. Such quality was enough to react to local community needs – a roofing structure in front of a café.

This material, although in very good state, has been discarded during the renovation of an office building in Prague. More, it has anti-weathering coating, suitable for exterior use.

The idea then was to assemble the steel meshes to such a form that extends the product’s primary function.

The potential of the material and its assembly was explored in a two-day workshop in a former monastery complex in Roudnice nad Labem.The standard connection elements was the only material to be bought.

The material was transported and then the purpose for its assembly was discussed between the local community and the workshop participants. After the first day of analysis, discussion and several proposals a small canopy in front of a community meeting spaces was built.

In collaboration with visual artist and architect Aleš Novák.

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