Mesh Universum

Mesh consists of linear elements organized into multi-planar structures. Steel rods are fabricated in a factory by bending and welding together. The straight-forward product of this process is used by standard to hold electric cables and other installations above the spaces, mainly in office buildings.

Such was the case of our material. An office building in Prague was renovated and this material was discarded, although in very good state, more, with anti-weathering coating on it.

The idea is to add to this meta-material (steel mesh) new level of complexity and use it in architectural scale by assembling the meshes. Simple connecting elements were the only material to be bought. The potential of the material and its assembly was explored in a two-day workshop in a former monastery complex in Roudnice nad Labem.

Universality of this meta-material allows connections in several directions and therefore offers certain design, operation and solution space. The second degree of organization (steel rods welded and bended together into a mesh) can be extended to a third degree (the mesh assembly). These qualities were enough to react to local community needs and potentials of the place. First, the material was transported and then the purpose for its assembly was discussed between the local community and the workshop participants. After the first day of analysis, discussiona and several design concept proposals a small canopy in front of a community meeting spaces was started to be build.

The primary structure has just been finished, during a second workshop-weekend. A cloth-canopy and wall allowing to attatch plants and lights are to be added in next weeks.

In collaboration with visual artist and trained architect Aleš Novák.

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